There are millions of benefits of having trees in your yard, they provide shade, create oxygen, bring in lots of birds, look beautiful, and some even have fruits. However, if you’re going to plant trees in your yard you should take into consideration their growth patterns, leaves, roots, and other things before you decide on which species. And there are some that are better off being planted a long distance from your home, garage, or even out-buildings for various reasons. Here are some of the trees that you shouldn’t plant near your home and why.

Some Trees Grow Too Fast And Have Weak Branches

There are some trees that are actually quite popular in the US, like the Silver Maple, that grow very fast and reach great heights in a short period of time. The problem with this particular tree is that, because of its fast growth, its branches tend to be weak and spindly. Then, especially in the cold winters of the Northern US, if there’s an ice storm you can expect many of the branches to break and fall off.

This same tree has a very shallow root system that you’ll be able to see breaking through the ground all over your yard. These roots tend to lift up sidewalks, driveways and infest sewer and drain systems causing all kinds of havoc. They are fantastic for farther away from the home and provide great shade in just a few years after planting, just be careful of where you plant them.

Some Trees Proliferate From Their Roots

This is another tree that has troublesome roots but in a different way. Aspen trees are very pretty with their white bark and nice leaves, but their roots will travel all over your yard and pop up a dozen new trees per year. This is great if you want an Aspen grove of trees far from your home, but near your house, you’ll constantly have to chop down suckers, more and more each year. You can hire a service at

Another tree that is really a great old tree, strong, sturdy, and valuable to make furniture, cabinets, and baseball bats from is the Ash tree. Unfortunately, these trees are being wiped out due to a beetle that bores into the wood and brings diseases with it. Soon there will no longer be Ash trees in most large cities due to this one insidious insect. Avoid them because of this problem.

Some Trees Have Toxic Fruits, Nuts, Or Leaves

This is something that you’ll have to investigate thoroughly before you buy a tree and plant it near your home. There are some trees that have great fruits, like walnut trees, but their leaves kill everything growing underneath the tree. So you’ll never be able to have flowers and shrubs for a large perimeter around them. Many evergreens do this as well, killing most of the vegetation around them. On the other hand, this can sometimes be an advantage if you have an area that you’d like to cover with barkdust, plant some evergreens, and not have to weed a lot.

The bottom line is, some trees are fantastic for some places but absolutely horrible in other places, like next to your house. Some can even lift your entire home up a few inches just with their roots. Investigate any tree you intend to plant, read about the leaves, growth patterns, root systems, and other things before you make your final decision.