Important equipment that a boat dock area must have

In many cases custom boat docks are similar to traditional dock such that they have the same weight distribution, joists, decking and beams. However there are some differences that can assist in the placement of the docks such that they can be submerged. Once you have the required materials in place you can build a dock that serve the surrounding areas and stay for many years. There some essential equipment that a dock must have.

Below are some of the most important equipment that any boat dock must have:


This accessory is made from a wide range of materials and has several styles that you can choose from. They ensure that the watercraft and the passengers on the dock are extremely secure .In other wards the cleats will not ensure that the docking and undocking is done is a safe manner but it also ensures that the watercraft is kept steady while the passengers are inboard and onboard. If you have a dock line that is loose it can allow the watercraft so sway so far away from the boat dock making the boarding activity unsafe. Any dock that does not have cleats can leave the passengers scramble in finding an object to tie off with as the watercraft continues to bump around your dock. Also if the dock is not secured properly to the dock it will be easier for the lines to become loose.

Some of the common types of cleats are:

 Solar lighted aluminum

This cleat is highly attractive and has very powerful solar charging mooring and performance strength. They have a long viewing distance of up to 325 ft.

Angled aluminum rail

These cleats are designed specifically for aluminum docks. The angled cleat fits easily into the dock, it fits mostly with OEM dock builder docks that have an aluminum extrusion.

Galvanized steel.

These are the most popular dock cleats that are manufactured from very hot galvanized steel. They are designed so that they can protect you from corrosion, they are highly economical since they are durable.

Flip up aluminum

These cleats are manufactured from white coated powder and solid marine grade almag 35 aluminum so that they can give a traditional finish


  1. Lighting

It is must that you have enough lighting in the dock area. This light should be lit at the right time at the right place. This light will ensure that all passengers are able to walk safely on the dock and board safely. In case your boat dock protrudes into the waterway you have to have enough light so that other people who have boats can be able see your boat and dock it far away from yours.

Experts have revealed that the best economical way to provide lighting in all places is by using solar cleats.

Flexible strip lighting is a cheap way to provide lighting light in any area. These lights are very flexible such that you can position them anywhere that you wish. You can choose the one that is charged by solar so that you can eliminate any trips challenges for instance plugs and cords.


  1. Ladders

It is good for you to ensure that you have a visible and stable way from the water that can assist you to access the dock. Nobody can wish to imagine of a scenario where he falls into the water and is not able to climb out. That is why in any docking point boats have been made available in different lengths, using different materials and with varying costs. Some of the ladders are:

Fixed ladders are fastened safely to the surface of the dock in water for safe climbing

Flip up ladders which are fastened safely to the dock but they are able to swing up and out so that they can be locked somewhere when they are not in use.

Slide up ladders are fastened safely to the surface of the boat dock and contain cords that ensure the steps can be lowered or raised.

If you ensure that you the above important equipment you will be confident enough that your dock is safe, giving you a chance to utelise the space according to your needs. The safety of your passengers is of great importance.